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Roasted Tomato & Corn Soup Special
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Potato crusted Fish Special
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Bacon wrapped Salmon
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Dessert Special
photo (51).JPG
March Special...Homemade Corned Beef & Irish Soda Bread.
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Salmon & Crab Special
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All-U-Can Eat Friday Lent Beer Battered Fish Tacos.
Elote pic.JPG
ELOTE (Mexican Corn on the Cob) In season only from our Rosemount Farmer Tom.
Shrimp Cocktail pic.jpg
Shrimp Appetizer
Ancho pic.jpg
Stuffed Ancho Pepper over Walnut Cream Sauce.
Bacon Salmon pic.JPG
Bacon wrapped Fish Special
Campfire Taco.JPG
Campfire Taco Lunch Special
Cioppino pic.jpg
Mexican Seafood Stew
Citrus Mahi pic.JPG
Raspberry Salmon & Crisp Tortilla
Coco shrimp app pic.jpg
Coconut Shrimp Appetizer
Coco shrimp pic.jpg
Coconut Shrimp Dinner Special
Dessert Chimmy pic.JPG
Chocolate Chimichanga Dessert Special
Elote pic (1).jpg
Fett Seafood pic.JPG
Seafood & Noodles Friday Night Special
Mahi Banana Pic.jpg
Banana Leaf wrapped Mahi Mahi & Fried Plaintains
Mahi Habanero pic.jpg
Pan Seared Halibut with Carrot wrapped Coleslaw
Mahi Lobster pic.JPG
Seared Mahi Mahi over Homemade Savory Bread Pudding
Marlin pic.JPG
Avocado Salmon Special
Mussels Clam pic.jpg
Shellfish & Potato Hash
Pineapple Bread Pudding pic.jpg
Sweet Bread Pudding
Pork Chop Pic.jpg
House Brined Bone in Pork Chop
Carnitas style Pork
Pumpkin Walleye pic.JPG
Citrus Walleye Dinner Special
Mini Quesadilla
Salmon Egg pic.JPG
Black Pepper Salmon Special
Scallop Squash pic.jpg
Scallop Special
Scallop Vera Cruz pic.jpg
Scallop & Ancho Pepper Bread Pudding
Serrano Mussels pic.JPG
Serrano Pepper Mussels Appetizer Special
Shrimp Pic.jpg
Shrimp Dinner Special
Shrimp Relleno pic.JPG
Homemade Chile Relleno with Walnut Cream Sauce & Pomegranate
Shrimp spec pic.jpg
Shrimp Balls & Guajillo Pepper Broth
Snapper Cruz pic.JPG
Tilapia Vera Cruz
Surf & Turf Fajita Pic (1).jpg
Surf & Turf Fajitas
Tamale pic.jpg
Maseca Cakes & Avocado Sauce
Tortilla crusted Salmon.jpg
Tortilla crusted Salmon
walleye pic.JPG
Tortilla crusted Walleye over Sauteed Poblano Peppers
BBQ Rib pic.JPG
Bacon wrapped BBQ Rib Appetizer Special
Halibut pic.JPG
Dinner Spec pic.JPG
Chef plating Dinner Specials
Strawberry Dessert pic.JPG
Coconut shrimp dinner pic.JPG
Dos fajitas pic.JPG
Lamb fajita pic.JPG